Who we are

The phrase “DAIHUNG” represents our desire for a prosperous growth in our industry. We specialize in providing Engineering services in the Petroleum, Chemical, and Energy industry. DAIHUNG was established by a team of talented engineers, who are experienced with both Onshore and Offshore projects all over the world. Our motto is: Provide the highest quality services in the quickest manner at the lowest cost.

Our work hour is project-driven which means we work as the project and the client required. In addition, we aim to overcome the restrictions imposed by geographical distance and time zone differences with our online consultation services. Our primary objective is to serve our customers regardless of time, place, or circumstances.

Conducting the engineering and fabrication works are our teams of over 30 engineers/technicians who are proficient in many areas such as process, mechanical, piping, electrical control system, etc. Our teams have participated in projects of substantial sizes whose total capital investment measured up to 250 million USD.