Core values


Contribute to building a safer life and a more sustainable world through providing the best chemical engineering design services at the most competitive cost.


Become Asia leading provider of engineering service in Petroleum, Chemical and Energy industry.

Core Values

Integrity: We aim to foster a culture of trust and understanding within our team and with our customers by strictly adhering to our own as well as the established code of conduct and business ethics.

Punctuality: One of our defining characters lies in the delivery of our project's tangible results which are not only of highest quality but also will always be on or ahead of the committed deadline.

Professionalism: Our company is built on our professional staff members who not only possess a strong sense of duty to our client but also committed to hold the interest of the clients above their own interest.

Efficiency: We always acknowledge the important roles that design and fabrication activities play in ensuring safety factor, high operating performance, and minimize customer's expenses. As a result, we set the highest standard for ourselves in delivering the best quality with the least resource consumed.