Heat exchanger & column

Shell-Tube Heat Exchangers (S-T HE) and Distillation Columns are widely used in the Chemical Energy Industry. Their construction and maintenance play a large role in capital allocation. The quality and utility of the Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers is depended on the designer skills and expertise to optimize the equipment’s efficiency, size, and ease of maintenance.

Our design team members have, at least, 7 years of experience in designing S&T HE systems. We also utilize cutting edge software such as Solidworks, and PVElite in drafting 3D models, and conducting Stress Analysis on the equipment, ensuring the systems are complying with International Standards such as TEMA, ASME, and API 660.

DAIHUNG Engineering teams have experience with designing S&T HE units Class R, C, and B with design pressure up to 150 bars for both conventional and Double Pipe heat exchangers.

DAIHUNG is one of South East Asia leading designers in designing Distillation Columns satisfying the strict requirements from not only the ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1 and Div. 2 standards, but also the Refinery plant constructors.